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Seemingly small mistakes now, can have serious consequences later…

*Setting up the wrong type of entity for your business

*Improperly moving or transferring assets

*Commingling your personal and business money and/or assets

*Doing business without legal entity protections

*Incorrectly determining the status of those working for you: “contractors” vs “employees”

*Liability for the products and/or services you provide to others?

*Having the wrong (or no) licenses for the type of business your doing

*Not having an appropriate contract with those you do business with (or not having a contract to provide them at all).

*Do you have the appropriate agreements with others prior to disclosing information about your business, your process and/or procedures, such as Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure and/or Non-Circumvent Agreements

*Is your idea or product really protected? (Copyrighted and/or trademarked)

*Are your personal assets protected from your business should a mistake occur?


If you are considering opening up a business, or if you already have a business and are not sure of the answers to the above potential liability issues, please give us a call to discuss how to protect your (and your family’s) assets from the liabilities of the business and the liabilities of being a small business owner. We offer Flat Rate Services for Entity Formation so you can begin your business with the confidence that it is set up correctly and you are protected from potential pitfalls of being a small business owner.

Throughout our careers, we have experienced way too many small business owners who “thought they had it all taken care of” or “thought they were protected when they entered into that agreement or signed that contract” only to find out later, when an issue arose that not only were they personally liable but that their personal assets, and the assets of their family were at risk of being taken in a lawsuit due to a business mistake that was made, or a contract that was signed but not understood at the time.


Having experience as small business owners ourselves, and having counseled and represented small business owners in a variety of industries throughout our careers, we understand that many small businesses feel that legal representation is simply not affordable to a business their size. However, we can not emphasize strongly nor often enough the potential cost of NOT having experienced legal representation from day one of starting your business. Each business is unique in the needs and requirements for legal assistance, we understand that and believe that all businesses, big or small should be able to have experienced and effective legal representation, which is why we offer various flat fee legal services for the initial start up of your business, in addition to our offer of on-going or one-time legal representation for specific matters that may arise.


We make legal representation affordable for small businesses. We want you to succeed—and in order to assist you in that endeavor, we offer outside general counsel packages for flat monthly fees. This allows us to provide you with legal advice as you need it—whether you have a quick legal question, need us to review (or revise) a contract that you’ve been provided and asked to sign, need help strategizing a business plan or discussing how to best negotiate a deal with another person or entity. Not only does this provide you with an extremely cost-effective way to have legal help as you need it, it also provides you with more legitimacy as a business when you are able to tell that other person you’re dealing with that you “need to have your attorney review it” before you can sign it!