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Whether you are going through one of the most difficult times of your life and considering a divorce, are already divorced but having difficulty getting your ex to pay child support or to follow the visitation schedule; or if you’re about to embark on the happy and rewarding journey of adoption, we want to be the one to assist you during this time.


Family law matters can be extremely stressful and difficult for everyone involved, and our firm is dedicated to helping you not only “get through” this time, but to help you succeed post-divorce as well. All of your decisions throughout the divorce process will have a profound impact on your post-divorce life, we are here to counsel and advise you on how to best protect yourself, your children and your assets.


Our firm has a unique perspective on divorce. We feel it is our obligation not only to assist our clients in every aspect of the divorce process, but also to help you plan for post-divorce success. Therefore, prior to finalizing your divorce, we will counsel you on post-divorce strategies to success. It is our sincere desire to help you transition smoothly into your “new life”. We will handle all of the legal aspects, so you can focus on what matters most.

The marriage may be ending– but your future starts now!


If you’re already divorced, but need assistance getting your ex to pay the child support he or she is obligated to pay, or need help getting them to follow the court-ordered visitation schedule, we are prepared to vigorously pursue the violating party on your behalf, and to enforce the Court’s standing orders. Although many violators of Court orders feel like it’s their “right” to do what they want as opposed to what the Court has ordered, we will make it clear that the Court’s Orders are not options, but are enforceable orders that must be followed… like it or not. It is our job to represent your and your children’s interests to the Court and to get you and your children what they rightfully deserve, and we will do so without hesitation


If you’re here to obtain information and representation in regard to an adoption, these proceedings are our most cherished moments. We realize what an amazing, happy and momentous occasion it is to adopt a child, and will pursue the adoption in a timely and professional manner. Although you can not “rush” the process, and must complete each of the requirements of the Court to finalize the adoption, we understand that your ultimate desire is to make this child your own and will proceed in getting all of the requirements met so that you can be celebrating the addition of a new family member as soon as possible. We have completed many adoptions throughout our careers, and look forward to helping you grow your family as well!